Noga Yudkovik-Etzioni

1962 born in Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, Israel
Currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. 
studio: Shvil Ha’Merets 4, Tel Aviv, Israel

My work deals with the tension between formalism and narrative, a tension that fascinates me and activates my work. Over the years I have gone through a transformation from using clear readable imagery to more abstract forms of representations. Yet the original imagery is always the springboard for generating meaning in the world of visual abstraction, and my installations, beyond the initial story they reveal, try to function like rhythm and music in space.

I have lived and worked in Israel and the Netherlands, showing in both conventional and alternative spaces, from museums to gas factories and abandoned refrigeration units. This experience has highlighted for me two parallel ways of working - one, through site specific installations; and the other, creating individual objects, which I fondly call “objects for travelers,” since they could fit inside a suitcase. Drawing has also been an important part of my practice, emerging sometimes in order to accompany three dimensional works, sometimes to become three dimensional itself, and other times as a stand alone medium.


Object-making is a central element to my work, which deals in the dialogue between the abstract and the concrete. I use a wide variety of materials and material combinations, mixing together substances and object characteristics that were not intended to go hand in hand, thus creating hybrids objects that defy both content and technical common-sense or decency. These objects are always detached from time and space and resist any contextualization that might explain their existence. 


Curatorial Projects

2016 “Repeat and Repeat”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel  

Commissioned Projects

2015 (upcoming) “Fins” outdoor sculpture, Haifa, Israel

2010 Israel Official Stamp of “Shmulik the Hedgehog” Sculpture Garden in Holon, Israel

2007 “Shmulik the Hedgehog” Sculpture Garden, Holon, Israel


The Open Studio Project, "Room Improvisation",Cite' International Des Arts, Paris

Art Teaching Experience

2000 - 2018 Private classes in Tel Aviv, Israel 

1995 - 1999 Sculpture Instruction, Kalisher Art Academy, Tel Aviv, Israel

1991 - 1993 Art Instructor, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

Selected Press

2016 Portfolio Magazine, Hagit Peleg Rotem, on the exhibition "Running Line"

2016 Saloona, Meirav Rahat, on the exhibition "Half a Full Circle"

2015 “Collections”, Interview for Reshet Bet, Miri Kirmolovski  

2013 "1280 Degrees", Ceramics Magazine, Irena Gordon

2013 Haaretz, “Emblems”, Ceramics Biennale, Irena Gordon

2013 Reshet Bet-Kol Israel Radio, “Emblems”, Ceramics Biennale, Miri Kirmolovski

2011 Prof. Meira Weiss, on the exhibition "Emblems"

2010 Haaretz, “The Beginning of the Fall”, Smadar Shefi

2009 Ynet Culture, “On the Camp, the Moon is Lit”, “My Camp”, Vardi Gross

2009 FM88 Radio, “Emblems”, Yaaniv Shapira

2003 The Israeli Architecture & Design Portal, on the exhibition  "3 Dimensional"

2009 City Mouse, “Emblems”, Hila Skolnik Brener  

2009 Globes, “Art, Emblems in Space”, Hagit Peleg Rotem

2009 Makor Rishon, “Emblems”, Yaakov Bar-On

2009 Globes, “Three in One Space”, Hagit Peleg Rotem

2008 Haaretz Shamenet Magazine, “Portfolio”, Asaf Avital

2007 Maariv, “Forgotten Childhood” (Shmulik the Hedgehog Sculpture Garden), Dubi Zacai

2004 Jerusalem Post, Arts, Gil Goldfin

2003 The Office Gallery, Online, Project 49, Rachel Sukman

1996 The City, “Art Shelter” in Memory of Danny Zakeim, Special Publication

1991 Jerusalem Post, “The Best of Bezalel”, Merin Ronen Exhibition Catalog List

2013 “Imprinting on Clay” Ceramics Biennale, group show

2009 “The Dining Room as Allegory” group show,

2009 “My Camp” group show

2006 “Hero and Villain” group show 

2006 “Quickly Traced on a Ship’s Deck” solo show

2005 “Hunger” Kalisher Academy, group show 

2004 “Upon every Island and Sandbank, They Suddenly Change Direction”,
solo show 

2004  “Collections” group show

2003 Installation at The Office Gallery, solo show,

1996 “Art Shelter” in Memory of Danny Zakheim, group show


Artspace Tel Aviv Profile + Artwork

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1995 MFA - Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1991 BFA - Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

1986 Continuing Studies, Kalisher Art Academy, Tel Aviv, Israel

Awards and Recognitions

2017 Cite' International Des Arts Scholarship, Paris 

2016 The Department of Art, Cultural Bureau, Tel Aviv-Yaffo Municipality in conjuntion with the Joshua Rabinovich Foundation for Art, Tel Aviv

2015  Zionist Art Award, Department of Culture and Education, for the exhibition “Emblems”

2003 Rabinovich Foundation Scholarship, Tel Aviv, Israel

1990 Scholarship for Excellence, Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

1989 Sharett Scholarship, The American-Israel Cultural Foundation

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Artist Wall, Artspace Tel Aviv, Curator: Dalia Danon

2016 ״EnSofEnMotza", Givat Haim Gallery. Curator:  Hanush morag and Ruthi Hinski-Amitai

2016 “Running Line”, Artspace Tel Aviv, Curator: Nir Harmat

2016 “Half a Full Circle”, Tivon Gallery, Curator: Michal Shachnai

2015 “Artist Wall” curated by Nir Harmat, Artspace Tel Aviv, Israel

2009 “Emblems” curated by Yehudit Mazkel, Artist House Tel Aviv, Israel

2008 Art Salon, Open Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel

2006 “Quickly Traced on a Ship’s Deck” curated by Drora Dekal, Cabri Gallery, Kibbutz Cabri, Israel

2004 “Upon every Island and Sandbank, They Suddenly Change Direction” curated by Irit 

Levin, Artist House, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2003 Sculpture Installation, curated by Rachel Sokman, The Office Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

1994 Sculpture Installation, Rietvelde Academie Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 "Shopit!", The Haifa Museum, Haifa, Curator:  Svetlana Reingold, Limor Alpern Zered and Shaked Shamir

2017 "Paper Heroes". The Jaffa Museum, Jaffa, Curator:  Ilan Garibi

2017 "On the Edge. Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Curator: Anat Gatenio

2016 “Art Camp 2016”, The Negev Museum, Beer Sheva, Curator: David Wakstein

2016 “Split Ends”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curators: Dina Shenhav and Rebecca Cava

2016  “Allegory of the Present”, Artist House Alharizi, Tel Aviv, Curator: Irena Gordo 

2014 “Meeting +” curated by Tzofia Dekel, Ilana Goor Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

2013 “Memory Material” curated by Anat Getni, Ceramics Biennale, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv 

2012 “Art Anyhow” curated by Sarah Reimen Shor, Family Wing at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

2012 “Dear Families” curated by Ora Kraus, Municipal Gallery of Rehovot, Israel

2011 “Powerline” curated by Orly Hofman, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv

2011 “Undressing Shape” curated by Hana Kopler, The Office Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2010 “The Fall” curated by Sarah Erlich, Erlich Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2009 “My Camp” curated by Liav Mizrachi, Dolinger Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2009 “Three Dimensional” curated by Anat Getenio, Wizo Academy, Haifa, Israel

2009 “Kibbutz Time”, Art on Kibbutz Festivals, Kibbutz Yifat Dining Hall, Israel 

2009 “Official Violence” curated by Raz Samira, Gallery 5 Art Place, Tel Aviv, Israel

2008 “Country Objects” curated by Irit Levin, D. S. Danon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2006 “Hero and Villain” curated by Irit Levin, Municipal Gallery of Kefar Sava, Israel 

2005 “Hunger” curated by Naomi Aviv, Rachel and Israel Polek Gallery, Kalisher Academy, Tel Aviv, Israel

2004 “Homesick”, Herzel 29, Tel Aviv, Israel

2004 “Collector’s Choice” curated by Irit Levin, Ha’Sadna Gallery, Yavne, Israel 

2003 “Lust and Desire” curated by Rachel Sukman, The Office Gallery,Tel Aviv, Israel

2002 “A Living-room in Autumn”, Herzel 29, Tel Aviv, Israel

1996 “Art Shelter” in Memory of Danny Zakheim, Tel Aviv, Israel

1995 “Autonom Group Project”, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1995 “Rietvelde Academie”, Rietvelde Academie Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1994 “Gas Factory”, International MFA Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1993 “Vrieshuis America”, Amsterdam Port, Netherlands

1992 “Bezalel”, BFA Thesis Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel

1989 America-Israel Scholarship Fund Winners Exhibition, Haifa Museum, Israel

1988 Best of Bezalel Show, Artist House Jerusalem, Israel